You are looking for an opportunity to work as an experimentalist with ultracold quantum gases in an international group at a top research institute in the vibrant city state of Singapore? New group members can join right into the middle of our experiments to study ultracold Fermi gases and heteronuclear molecules. Please inquire about the possibilities of entering the group at different levels.

Open positions:

Postdoc: After our recent observation of ground state LiK molecules we have an open postdoc position available at our experiments with dipolar LiK molecules. Applicants should have obtained a PhD with an adequate background in our scientific field or relevant technology.

PhD student: We are looking for students to join the experiments on a quantum degenerate gas of fermionic lithium. This offers an excellent opportunity to obtain graduate training on topical and internationally visible scientific projects. Ideally you already have worked in a laser lab or have strong background in atomic physics and quantum optics. Please also have a look at the information on the PhD program of CQT.

Research Assistant: We are looking for students becoming a research assistant in our group. Prerequesite is the interest in experimental physics. This position offers a good opportunity to get aquainted with our scientific area and the laboratory work.

Internships: We are open for applications to internships during the summer of 2019. The decision on interns for summer 2019 will be taken in Jan/Feb 2019.

If you are interested to work in our group please contact Kai Dieckmann () to find out more.